Author: wcaa-lp

2017 Summer Jazz Cruise

This years Jazz Cruise on the Dutch Apple was a hit. Thanks to DJ Vaughn from Silky Soul Productions and the band HEARD for putting on a fantastic show. Thank you to all the supporters who came out and had a good time.  

Lyp Sync Fundraiser was a Hit!

Friday . May 19th . Lip Sync . 107.3fm and ummmm I don’t remember all the damn letters for the radio station it’s 6am right now 😑 and my eye isn’t all the way open! oh did I just say all of that? I’m sorry I’m thinking out loud😐….BUT ANYWAY!! 😁😎. The Show was amazing! […]

Help WCAA-LP Get On The Air!

Creating Unity through the Arts and Educating on the Power of Community Activism is our Mission. We need your help to make that mission a reality. Become a Member and support the starting of a community radio station that has the community best interests in mind. Your support will allow us to broadcast local music, local […]