• WCAA-LP 107.3 FM is a community-based broadcast station that began broadcasting Saturday, February 18, 2017. Our station's mission is to “Create Unity through the Arts and Educate on the Power of Community Activism.” This communication resource will give local artists, activists, neighbors and others a platform to learn and perform, entertain, and inform the public, as well as to educate and encourage listeners to get involved in the arts, their own growth and improve their quality of life.

    As part of the larger community radio movement, we are actively engaged in the struggle for community access to the airwaves. To be more inclusive to communities that are under-represented in the mainstream media, we are working to diversify our programming. We are specifically interested in quality programs that focus on arts related, cultural and community focused shows. We are also open to programs not listed and especially encourage women, people of color and youth to apply.

    Programmers are responsible for producing their weekly show and for paying hourly dues ($10 per Broadcast Hour). As a volunteer run station, programmers are also expected to participate in regular meetings and share in the work and responsibilities of running the station.

    If you are interested, please forward a completed application, along with a sample audio of your show idea to WCAA-LP. If you are selected, you will begin to mentor with a current programmer or staff member to develop your show to fit WCAA-LP Guidelines and to learn the technical skills needed to program your own show. Please direct any questions or comments to the Programming Review Committee at wcaa@grandarts.org

    Thank you for your interest, WCAA-LP 107.3 FM "The Arts" - Albany, NY




    The next group of questions will help us gauge the amount of orientation and training needed.

  • Thank you for volunteering at WCAA-LP!

    WCAA-LP depends on volunteer energy. To offer the community great programming, access to the airwaves and a diversity of voices, we need to pay the bills and keep our facilities maintained. From answering phones during the fund drives to tidying up the building and staffing benefit events, volunteer energy is the glue that holds it all together. In this way, each volunteer, whether or not they are a programmer, is a citizen of the WCAA-LP community. These are some elements of that citizenship.

    1. I volunteer for WCAA-LP, have read WCAA-LP’s Operator’s Handbook (if a programmer), Disciplinary Policy and Problem Solving Procedure.

    2. While there is no set requirement for volunteer hours, performing some amount of volunteer work is an essential component of my time at WCAA-LP.

    3. I will work with the Volunteer Coordinator to outline a plan for my volunteer time at WCAA-LP that is (a) additional to my time on the air (if I am a programmer), and (b) comfortable and appropriate for my schedule.

    4. I understand that my volunteer work will be reviewed from time to time by the Volunteer Coordinator in consultation with myself, the Station Manager, and/or any other coordinators with whom I work.

    5. At any time, with two weeks’ notice, I am entitled to a review session with the Volunteer Coordinator and any other appropriate individuals, including a member of the Personnel Committee or personal advocate if I so choose. The purpose of such a session would be: (a) to obtain helpful and constructive feedback on my work as a volunteer, (b) to identify areas of volunteer activity that are compatible with me, (c) to offer my input towards the smoother functioning of volunteer activities at WCAA-LP, and (d) make me aware of any serious concerns held by staff, management or other volunteers regarding my volunteer activities.

    6. I agree to obtain permission from the Management Team or Board of Directors before acting as a spokesperson or agent for WCAA-LP, and before using WCAA-LP’s name in association with any public event or activity.

    7. I agree not to be impaired by alcohol or controlled substances while performing volunteer activities for WCAA-LP.

    8. If I so choose, I may exchange six hours of volunteer work (pre-approved by the Management Team) for a one-year membership in WCAA-LP.

    9. If I perform six hours of approved volunteer work within a six-month period, I will be eligible to vote for the Advisory Board General Members.

  • As a programmer, you would be responsible for producing a weekly show and for paying dues of $10 per broadcast hour. It is also expected that you participate in weekly meetings (minimum 1x monthly) and share in the general upkeep and work of maintaining this radio station. Please be aware that WCAA-LP will not tolerate racist and sexist music or commentary. By submitting this application, you agree to adhere to the Station Guidelines and Mission Statement. You may lose your program if this agreement is not honored.
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